Monday, May 18, 2009

Youth Involvement in the Kampong in the Context of Cultural Diversity

Yogyakarta is a home for multicultural society. It is a dynamic city where you can meet the big waves of post-modernism, modernism, and traditional rites inside the city wall. It is the meeting place where the group of young contemporary artists fulfill the city with their vibrant murals painted in every corner of the streets, while the flocks of intellectual youngsters enliven their nights with a long, deep discussion accompanied by a cup of smoldered charcoal-dipped coffee and a pack of kretek[i] cigarettes in the angkringan[ii]. It is also a palace for Javanism rituals and traditional offerings on every particular date in the complicated Javanese calendar. Not to mention the big shopping malls and fast food franchises which are side by aside with the crowded populace along the river bank of Code[iii].
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